All About The People

The people make the company, and FourTen spends more time and effort making sure that we have and keep the best. Get to know the people that make FourTen happen, and feel free to get in contact with any of us.

410 Executive Staff

Jonathan Corbett, President & CEO <>
Jon founded FourTen in 2001 as a small New York Web development consulting company with a rapidly growing

Andre Chambers, Chief Technology Officer <>
Andre jumped into the world of IT fresh out of high school, accepting a job at a prestigious New York firm as their

Andrea Brannon, Director of Emerging Technologies <>
Andrea has always had a passion for keeping with the cutting-edge of technology. At FourTen, it is critical that we are able to offer our clients no less than what today can offer, and Andrea ensures that we are always at that point.

Elyse Romano, VP Client Relations <>
Elyse has impressed us all with her ability to listen to and understand our clients needs and make sure they are

Elliot Dansmum, VP Project Management <>
Elliot brings impeccible organization and follow-through to FourTen and motivates us all to produce exceptional